Bristol Myers Squibb

Event-branding, poster and various print materials for a medical workshop about CML. (leaflet, signage, badges...)

Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
SHAKE stands for SHAring Knowledge and Expertise.
This event is a 3 day seminar for experts in the healthcare sector.
The program over the 3 days includes a number of workshops, keynote presentations and lectures along with meeting opportunities for professionals examining bone cancer, leucemia and related issues.
The idea behind the logo and the themes chosen for this project was to illustrate the effectiveness of teamwork and coming together for a common goal. The images highlight growth and development with the transferance of ideas and a broad exchange of knowledge and expertise with industry professionals. The materials selected for this project include pamphlets, signage, badges and posters.
poster 60x80
(illustration & logo creation & design)
this was the first creative step
(event branding & print design)
part of the signage strategy
(event branding)
accordion folding leaflet (5 pages brochure)
(event branding & editorial design)
accordion leaflet (5 pages brochure)
(event branding & editorial design)
event agenda (5 pages brochure)
(titling & editorial design)
DISCLAIMER : this version of the artwork is not the final.

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